Online Slot Machines


Introducing the Online Slot Machine

This article seeks to explain the online slot machines and how free online slot machines came about. The dynamics of online slot machines are almost exactly the same as live bar slot machines. However, there are a few differences. The first difference is obvious: Online slot machines are virtual whereas the other is live. Second, there are many differing options in types of games in which to choose. Third, the payouts and possible betting sums of bar slots are typically larger. The history of the online slot game has been a very short but a very interesting one.

A Short History of Online Slots

The online slot machine is a relatively young innovation. The first slot machine prototypes only appeared in 2000. However, since that time the online slot machine has developed dramatically into a thing almost as good as any live bar machine. Throughout the first decade of 2000, there remained far more restrictions on online slot machine playing in Italy than in almost every other country. In fact, it was completely illegal during these years. For this reason, many Italian online players opted to play on foreign websites. However, Italy got the ball rolling in 2011 by legalizing almost all online gambling games for the first time in their country. But online slot games still remained illegal.

The Introduction of Free Online Slots

At this time, Italian online gambling sites found the loophole. The law prohibited online slots using real money. Therefore, they began the practice of offering websites with free slots. This has proven an extremely wise and lucrative decision. In January 2012, Italy finally legalized online slot machines, but the practice of offering free online slots has continued.


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